Bitcoin Casinos — Online Gambling Made Better and More Secure

Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is basically a virtual currency or a digital form of payment that you can use for services and purchases as long it’s within its operating platform, the Blockchain. While there are some concerns about its volatile value, it is a secure form of payment and transactions are much faster.





















Is BTC Gambling Better Than Playing On Ordinary Online Casinos?

Bitcoin gambling allows online casino players to play their favorite games minus the excessive fees, transaction delays, and legal restrictions. This is one of the reasons why bitcoin or BTC Casinos are so popular today. It has a decentralized operating platform and works on a peer to peer basis that’s why it is much more efficient and practical.

The number one advantage of playing on bitcoin gambling sites is that you don’t have to worry about several things that are otherwise a big concern when you use cash or credit cards. It provides gamers with a carefree online gaming experience in no deposit casino games.

Unlike when using a credit card, you don’t have to provide sensitive personal information and you don’t run the risk of someone stealing your identity. You would also avoid excessive amount of fees because of its peer to peer operation — which removes people of authority who tend to impose too much fees per transaction.

Bitcoin Casinos Bitcoin Casinos

How to Get Started with Bitcoin Online Gambling

If you want to bet or gamble online using the bitcoin cryptocurrency, you would have to use an e-wallet or an online wallet which allows you to store your digital money. Another option is to have an offline wallet which is an app you can install on your computer or mobile device. You can also purchase a hardware e-wallet like Trezor and store the virtual money on the device.

Other types of e-wallets include:

These cryptocurrency wallets or e-wallets usually allow you to buy and sell bitcoins for dollars or Euros.

  • Electrum - Best for desktop or laptop computers. Available on both Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can work on some hard drive wallets but if your computer or device gets physically damaged, you could lose your coins.
  • Blockchain - Allows you to store coins but you can’t buy or sell directly on the system. This also makes it more secure than others.
  • Robinhood - Best for free buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. It is both a wallet and an exchange. Only available on mobile.

Playing with cryptocurrency on various online casinos is pretty much the same as playing with cash or credit. You would register on the site as usual and provide your email but instead of entering your credit card information, you just access your e-wallet when you are ready to make a deposit and play best casino apps.

On most sites, you just need to click on the Cashier icon to access your cryptocurrency wallet and play with coins. This could also be found on the Payments tab or Bank section of the site. You can then choose it as a deposit or withdrawal method. Enter the amount for any particular transaction then you can start using it without sharing any personal information.

Some Tips on Bitcoin Gambling

  • Look for online casinos that offer good “Bitcoin Jackpots”. This will increase your winnings and it also makes online gaming more exciting!
  • Make sure the site accepts the type of e-wallet that you have. If you are using Robinhood on your mobile device and want to play on a desktop browser, you may want to check if the site can take you to a Robinhood login page without having to use your phone.
  • Check the withdrawal limits when using cryptocurrencies.
  • It is important to read the terms and conditions when using cryptocurrencies when playing and betting on bitcoin betting sites. The wagering requirements may be different and withdrawal and deposit limits also vary per site.

Popular Games on Bitcoin Casinos

Some of the most popular games featured on casinos that accept cryptocurrencies include bitcoin poker and slots. On most sites, you can play almost any game using your cryptocurrency. Your winnings can also be withdrawn on your e-wallet.

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Casino

One of the most important factor when choosing an online gambling site that allows bitcoin gambling is their security. While gambling with cryptocurrency is already more secure, it is still good to check the site’s reputation. Read online casino reviews to find out if they’re reputable.

Pay particular attention to their withdrawal and deposit policies and if the site offers reliable customer support.